Voices of the Nations is an organization which was founded in 2006 to unite and promote diversity within the Christian Community by showcasing its mosaic of fine arts and music.

We work with various cultural groups, organizations, multi denominational churches and artists to spread the Gospel to all Nations residing in Toronto and other cities throughout Ontario through the art of music, drama and dance.

Music is an intricate part of our society. People of all ages, ethnicity, cultural background, and economic status love music and relate to it. Some even live their lives through music.

Since we are working with artists and worship teams from all denominations and cultures to participate in these concerts, it will give us a great opportunity to bring together different denominations and cultures.

We desire to work with one another as one body in Christ with the sole purpose to reach the lost by spreading the Gospel to all nations residing in Toronto through the art of music and dance.

Our Mission

To provide a venue and unite the various denominations, cultures and the outstanding talents within the Christian community. To embrace and celebrate the wonderful diversity in the city.