GoFundMe 2018 - Rise Up & Shout

Aug. 5, 2018

Voices of the Nations, we are a Christian organization, focused on unifying the Christian community by showcasing the mosaic of fine arts and music from artists around the world within our events. And we need your help. We need help with the funding for the various events that we host throughout the year, such as Rise Up and Shout, our multicultural music festival and Dances of the Nations, our multicultural dance festival.

Hosting events such as these require a lot of money, which by God's grace can hopefully be provided. We created this GoFundMe to assist us in acquiring the funds we need to help with our goal of uniting the various denominations, cultures and the outstanding talents within the Christian community. 

This goal can be reached through our events but, we can't do this alone so that is why we come to you, we need your help in acquiring the funds, all we ask is for you to assist us by donating any amount of money to our GoFundMe campaign, but if you cannot donate money then we ask you to share the GoFundMe link to help spread the word about the mission we are trying to accomplish. 

Here is the link to Voices of the Nations GoFundMe campaign      

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