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Our Story

Voices of the Nations is a Christian charity, founded in 2006 to unite and promote diversity within the Christian Community by showcasing its mosaic of fine arts and music.


We work with various cultural groups, organizations, multi denominational churches, sponsors, volunteers and artists to spread our message of hope, love and unity to all nations residing in Toronto and other cities throughout Ontario and the world through the performing arts.

Music is an intricate part of our society. People of all ages, ethnicity, cultural background, and economic status love music and relate to it. Some even live their lives through music.

We also work alongside city councilors and community leaders to bring awareness of the increasing gang violence and the death of our youth across the GTA for the past couple of years.

We strongly believe that much effort is needed to support these highly affected communities, seniors, single mothers and the young people, to foster unity and building relationships and promote healthy ways to prevent and stop the violence. We have partnered with other local organizations to host “Meet Your Neighbors” Community Events and also plan to introduce Youth Engagement Through Music Programs to provide an alternative, creative and safe environment for youth.

Let’s Work Together

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