Seniors Outreach & Support Program

The number of Baby Boomers in Canada has reached a majority within society. The senior population deserves the upmost attention and support from everyone within society. Therefore, our focus this year is to develop long lasting and impactful relationships between today's youth, the community and seniors.  We have dedicated programs, workshops and special events to engage and promote the health and social well being of those aged 65 years and older.

Our volunteers provide a range of services for needy seniors such as the delivery and pick up of groceries and supplies, virtual exercise and entertainment, wellness webinars, providing personal protective equipment to seniors and frontline workers, as well as getting seniors better connected with family, friends and the community during the COVID 19 pandemic. We are also  building a compassionate care program involving support animals which will reduce the affects of isolation and loneliness among independent seniors living alone.

Our work with vulnerable seniors, residences, facilities and churches helps fill the gaps for servicing elders with quality, care and compassion especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have lost senior friends and family to the Corona Virus.

Senior Coordinator - Jason 416-660-6355

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