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Uganda is one of the poorest nations in the world. 38% live below the international poverty line on less than $1.25 a day. Poverty remains deep-rooted in the country’s rural areas, which are home to more than 85% of Ugandans.

Both myself and my wife were both born in Uganda living as refugees in other countries and learning what we have learned we are called to go back and help the people of Uganda

  1. Help build loving caring homes for the orphans where they can be educated and develop in to their full potential.

  2. Uganda has one of the youngest population in the world 89% is 35 and under and 73% is 25 and under. We want to work with other organisations and the government so that we can empower that population with training and resources so that can start their own businesses. Through that create a middle class population which will benefit the country.

  3. As the population is growing we need to educate the young men and women on safe sex and the use of contraceptives.

  4. Because of wars they are many single mums who have lost their husbands and need help with caring for their children We want to empower them by giving them sawing machine to make garments so they can create income for themselves and their families

  5. We also want to do medical outreaches in various villages to help with basic medical needs including providing eye glasses

  6. By providing these services we can help them grow spiritually, physically and intellectually so they can be health, happy and responsible to make a difference in their communities.


               Everyone of your donation $ will go towards these initiative

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